Big Changes For The Lund Loop

When the Lund Loop newsletter first went live almost four years ago, the idea was to send out a brief recap of the markets each Saturday.

Since then the Lund Loop has experienced a massive “feature creep” and bears almost no resemblance to that original newsletter.

And that’s been a problem because Substack was originally created to deliver and manage lightweight content, so I’ve had to craft all sorts of cumbersome workarounds in order to keep some semblance of organization.

And it hasn’t worked too well.

But that changes starting today. More on that in a minute.

First, I want to let everyone that in response to those who have asked for more actionable content, I am now posting updated daily charts both in Discord and on my Substack page.

These are updated charts from the ‘Market Review’ video as well as any new charts of interest that pop up during the week.

Each chart has comments attached and falls into one of four categories:

  • Active setups - Watch for entry.

  • Potential setups - Not ready yet but could be soon.

  • Follow-ups - Previously triggered setups.

  • General - Charts of general market interest

The charts are updated Monday through Thursday after the bell, usually within an hour of the close.

And that’s the perfect segue to talk about the new look and feel of the Lund Loop homepage.

Substack has launched a function that allows publishers to create “Sections” for their newsletters and I’m now using these sections to better organize content after it’s been published in the newsletter.

You will see these sections listed at the top of the Lund Loop homepage.

Now you can click “Daily Updated Charts” and go directly to the current daily updates, as well as see an archive of charts for the past week.

Side note: I’m not pushing these posts out via email because not all subscribers are interested in daily charts and don’t want four more Lund Loop emails. I believe there is a way to subscribe separately to the “Daily Chart Updates” section and have it automatically emailed to you during the week - but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. I’ll let you know if/when I do.

By clicking “Trader Education” you will see an archive of all my articles around this topic. Going forward, I’ll be extracting the applicable parts of the Saturday newsletter and turning them into separate, standalone articles

The “Video Lessons” section will take you to, well, video lessons. I’ve only got one video up currently as a placeholder, but will soon be adding the full archive, as well as posting new videos here as they are produced.

Finally, though you might have thought it was gone forever, “The Anecdote” will be back very soon – and with its own logo.

I’ve backfilled a few of these now standalone stories here and will soon be adding more from the archive – as well as new stories - in the near future.

This will allow me to keep “The Anecdote” separate from the main Lund Loop newsletter so it doesn’t get in the way for those who only care about market stuff.

I’ll simply link over to it when there is a new edition.

Of course, you can just click the main Lund Loop logo to get a chronological overview of all posts, regardless of what section they are in.

And this part is important!

You will still get all the Lund Loop content in your Saturday newsletter (except of course the Daily Chart Updates).

What I’m doing is deconstructing the different parts of the Saturday newsletter after it’s published and organizing and archiving them - using sections - for easier access.

So if you miss an issue or two, or just want to go back and revisit a specific topic, you can easily get to just the content you’re interested in via the sections.

I’ve also recently changed the way I annotate charts to make them less confusing and easier on the eyes as they were beginning to look like Mondrian paintings.

I’m now using lighter MAs, trendlines, and support/resistance levels and added timestamped comments so that you can have a little more context around what’s going. Current notes are in standard font size while previous notes are minimized.

All these changes are designed to make the Lund Loop a better product for you.

I hope to keep improving the Lund Loop based upon the feedback you gave me in the recent survey I sent out. Thanks to everyone who responded.

One final thing, I’d appreciate it if you would share the Lund Loop – either on social media or via email - with anyone you think would enjoy it.

Just click the blue button below to do so.

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