Charts Updated: 09-20-2021

These are updated charts from the ‘Market Review’ video that goes out first thing Saturday morning as well as new charts of interest that pop up during the week.

Comments are attached to each individual chart (click image to view).

Charts fall into four categories:

  • Active setups - Watch for entry.

  • Potential setups - Not ready yet but could be soon.

  • Follow-ups - Previously triggered setups.

  • General - Charts of general market interest

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A tough market today as most stocks just gapped lower at the open and kept going. Lots of charts got wrecked today and there are no setups on the dailies – and even if there were, they’d be highly suspect until this market correction is over.

The market feels very binary here like we could as easily have a big reaction rally tomorrow as open down 50 handles. That’s not an easy type of market to find an edge in unless you are a VERY nimble day trader.

But if you’re not, and there are stocks you have a longer-term view on that you missed out on, make a shopping list and look to put money to work SLOWLY and ONLY at levels that make sense from a technical standpoint. And whatever you do, don’t blink, because this market could turn on a dime.

Don’t read too much into it but a few charts are showing decent relative strength.