Charts Updated: 09-21-2021

These are updated charts from the ‘Market Review’ video that goes out first thing Saturday morning as well as new charts of interest that pop up during the week.

Comments are attached to each individual chart (click image to view).

Charts fall into four categories:

  • Active setups - Watch for entry.

  • Potential setups - Not ready yet but could be soon.

  • Follow-ups - Previously triggered setups.

  • General - Charts of general market interest

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So was that it? That’s the question on everyone’s mind at the close. Frankly, today’s market action wasn’t very reassuring as we basically printed narrow inside days on all the indexes. We’re still in that binary type of market when we could go either way from here. There are a few more potential setups today, which could work nicely if we rally. But if we don’t, they likely won’t work. Proceed with caution.