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Daily Update: 04-28-2022

Note: A number of subscribers mentioned that they like the Substack embedded video better than the YouTube version, so I’ve included both - Substack above, and YouTube below.

The daily update video contains a market overview, updated charts from the weekend strategy video, as well as new charts of interest that pop up during the week.

For intraday updates please join the Lund Loop Discord.

Please read the disclosures at the bottom of this page.

It should go without saying - but I’ll say it anyway - all opinions expressed in The Lund Loop are my own personal opinions and don’t reflect the views of my employer, any associated entities, or other organizations I’m associated with.

Nothing written, expressed, or implied here should be looked at as investment advice or an admonition to buy, sell, or trade any security or financial instrument. As always, do your own diligence.

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Daily Update
Video update posted Monday through Thursday after the close.