Return To Reality

This past week in Lake Tahoe was amazing. I highly recommend a visit.

I spent most of my time doing this…

I haven’t looked at charts or market news since I left, but cursory glances at my long-term positions tell me it was a tough week.

A trader friend texted me on Friday and said something that echos what I’ve been thinking for at least a decade now.

“I’m (finally) realizing there are only a few months out of the year that are actually good for trading.”

“But it’s hard to accept and get used to, like, not doing anything.”

I totally get this mentality.

We’re traders. We’re not like civilians. We know how to trade all types of markets. If the market is open we should be at our desks doing battle.

Eh, maybe.

Because there is battle, and then there is battle.

Looking back on my trading career, the summer is traditionally when it took the most effort to make the least and when large losses seemingly came out of nowhere.

The idea of taking 3 to 5 months off from the markets each year is anathema to me, but perhaps an idea worth more than just thinking about

Anyway, I’ll see you first thing Monday morning in the Lund Loop Discord and next Saturday in the Lund Loop newsletter.