The Anecdote

A collection of overly personal stories.

Tales from my youthful quest to make every firework I encountered "better."
My wife likes to volunteer me. My wife likes to volunteer me to help. My wife likes to volunteer me to help in front of people who may need but aren’t…
“Homelessness isn’t just about not having a job or an apartment. Too often homelessness is due to a disordered mind.”― Danielle Steel, A Gift of Hope…
Covid has come to my house, and I'm determined to find out who is responsible.
The drive to school can be harrowing, but amazing, for a stressed-out parent.
When the person you love most dies, it doesn’t hurt. The word “hurt” implies that you feel something.
A very special edition of “The Anecdote” this week comes to you in video format.
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