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Hello, I’m Brian Lund, publisher of the Lund Loop Newsletter which launched in August of 2018 as an extension of the Lund Loop Blog that went live in 2007.

I’ve been an active trader for over 35 years, using mostly technical analysis.

I live in Southern California with my wife and kids, I’m a book nerd, and I’ve played the drums for most of my life.

Fun Fact: I’ve never had a cup of coffee.

Of course, what you probably want to know is what the Lund Loop is all about.

Fair enough.

The short answer is the Lund Loop is a community of traders and investors dedicated to helping everyone raise their game.

Basically, we’re the anti-FinTwit.

For the long answer, let me give you a non-stock market example.

Where I live out here in Southern California we have a car culture. Everybody has a car.

But we also have an outdoor culture, where people are constantly going outside to walk and bike.

Unfortunately, sometimes those two cultures clash, often in tragic ways.

But the data is very clear on this; the two main reasons that pedestrians get hit by cars are lack of situational awareness - meaning not paying attention to traffic and traffic flows - or lack of risk assessment, meaning, someone misjudging their ability to run across the street before a car reaches them.

It’s the same thing in the stock market.

Situational awareness in the stock market means keeping your finger on the pulse so you know which stocks, asset classes, and sectors to be in - and which ones you should avoid. It’s also about knowing when to be invested and how to identify opportunities when they arise.

In terms of risk assessment, in the stock market that means how to measure risk, how much to take on, how to manage it, and most importantly, when to be risk off.

So the Lund Loop isn’t about telling someone to buy this stock or sell this stock.

And it’s certainly not about get-rich schemes or promises.

It’s about helping people raise their situational awareness and their risk assessment skills so they can apply them to their trading and investing in whatever way works best for them.

And in the same way that you can’t just work out for a few days and expect to stay in shape for the rest of your life, these market skills can fade, be forgotten, or go away.

And that’s why being part of a supportive community - like the Lund Loop community - helps you to reinforce those skills and keep them sharp.

That being said…

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The Most Important Concept for Successful Trading

So thanks again for checking out the Lund Loop, but I think that you’ll get tremendous value by becoming a paid subscriber so please consider doing so.


-Brian Lund


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Brian Lund 
35+yrs trading using 80% technical analysis and 20% instinct. I provide strategies, setups, and insights for active traders and investors. Also drummer and book nerd.