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Subscriber Only: The Great Christmas Truce

Throwing In The Towel

Buying Beaten Up Names Off Long-Term Support

How to Place More Effective Stops

Going Long After a BIG Gap Up

The Need For Speed

Taking a Green To Red Short Trade

Kill Your Darlings

Taking An Oversold Reversal Trade

Mindful Trading: The War Within

Aligning Daily And Intraday Charts To Refine Your Entry

What Keeps Me Up At Night?

Trading a Gap Down Reversal Off The Open

The Gentle Madness of Value

A Pure Scalp On A 1-Minute Chart

The Lund Loop: Post-Covid Edition

An Intraday Trade After An Earnings Announcement

Are You Ready To Play The Blame Game?

Subscriber Only - Trading vs. Investing: Which Is Better?

Buying In The Hole In Anticipation of a Reversal

25 Unanswerable Questions

In Memoriam

Subscriber Only: What Did I Miss?

Mindful Trading: The High-Water Mark

Buying In Anticipation Of A Daily Breakout - (Part 3)

Subscriber Only: The Difference Between Good And Great

Context Around Taking A Day Trade Into Swing Trade

First It Takes An Uptrend

3 Ways To Trade Using Relative Strength

Subscriber Only: You Beat The Market By Working Hard, Not Smart

Trading A Consolidation Range Breakout

Subscriber Only: The Falling Man

Subscriber Only: You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks, But The Old Tricks Still Work

Subscriber Only: Will You Still Be Here in 10 Years?

Subscriber Only: Maybe There Is Such Thing as a Stupid Question

Protecting and Repairing A Long-term Position Using Options

Subscriber Only: Using a Hammer to Dig a Hole

Subscriber Only: Does Technical Analysis Work? You’re Asking the Wrong Question

Buying In Anticipation Of A Daily Breakout - (Part 2)

Subscriber Only: Notes From The July Lund Loop Zoom Call

The Power of Buying Right

Subscriber Only: Perhaps You're Not Doing It Right

Return To Reality

Subscriber Only: A Great Time For A Vacation

Why Our Trading Knowledge Is (Mostly) Worthless

20 Timeless Books Every Trader Should Read

The Mindset For Entering and Managing A Swing Trade

Buying In Anticipation Of A Daily Breakout - (Part 1)

How To Bring A Loved One Back From The Dead

Managing A Trade Until It Becomes Profitable

When Should You Give Up On Trading?

Sticking With A Stock After The First Trade Failed

Memento Mori

Trading "The Big Reversal"

Trading Around A Core Position

The Intraday Relationship Between Equities and Futures

Timeframes: Is It A Trade, An Investment, Or For Retirement?

Strategically Trading A Narrative Stock (Part 3)

Using Intraday Entries To Get Into A Swing Trade

A "Real-Time" Day Trade In Discord

Using Your Watchlist To Find Intraday Setups

Strategically Trading a Narrative Stock (Part 2)

Strategically Trading A Narrative Stock (Part 1)

Managing A Sloppy Day Trade

Going Long After A Big Opening Gap Down

How I Use Moving Averages

Trading The Morning Star Reversal Pattern

How I Set My Charts Up For Day Trading

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How To Take a "Cute" Short Trade

How to Take Profits on a Blue Sky Breakout

Day Trade Entries/Exits Using 5-Minute and 1-Minute Charts

How to Use Futures to Determine Intraday Support and Resistance Levels

Trading Around Intraday Price Gaps

Catching A Stock After It Breaks Out

Making Something Out Of Nothing: Trading In A Tight Range

How To Make Money On A Choppy Day